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Lost Generation in The Sun Also Rises

lost Generation in The Sun Also Rises

bond and are unafraid to be intimate with each other; Jake does not mind that the fish he has caught are smaller than Bill's, in what sounds like an admission of lesser sexual virility, while Bill tells Jake. Fifth, and most importantly, the Great War, which serves as a backdrop for the novel, has caused the characters to lose many things. Hemingway's spare, laconic prose was influenced by his early work as a journalist, and he has probably had the greatest stylistic influence over 20th-century American writers of anyone. Gertrude Stein coined this name, which applies to the young people who grew up in the shadow.

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Generation in Ernest Hemingway s The, sun, also

For instance, we understand him much better through his thoughts on Cohn, who shares many of Jake's traits. Some wounds show outwardly, while others are internalized, producing an even greater emotional and often psychological trauma on the character. The war forced women to take care of menand themselvesmore, contributing to gender confusion and relationship failure. At the end of the novel, Jake attempts to rescue Brett after she runs off with Pedro Romero. "Yes, isn't it pretty to think so?" is Jake's reply (Hemingway 222). Once he arrives, Brett begins to speak nostalgically of their relationship, saying that they could have had a good life together. In a profound sense, Hemingways novel, which became an ironic touchstone for the Lost Generation, has a hole in the middle that constitutes the greatest lossThe Great War. Though a veteran, Jake now works in an office and fritters away his time with superficial socializing; he admires bull-fighters so much, and Romero in particular, because they are far more heroic than he is or ever was.