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Industrializations Affect on the Environment

industrializations Affect on the Environment

have always been powerful in shaping and moving the world. They all articulate same consequential effects. We should, therefore, know what the factors are that produce change. It shows not merely what happens to a directing Act 3 Scene 4 of Hamlet thing but also what happens within. As Kingsley Davis says, By Social change is meant only such alternations as occur in social organization that is, the structure and functions of society. It is a principle of internal growth. Some speak of a Looming Space Age, Information Age, Electronic Era, or Global Village. Evolution is a process involving a changing adaptation of the object to its environment and a further manifestation of its own nature.

For example, different countries like Great Britain, Soviet Union,.S.A. In urban areas one can find various sectarian associations such as Khandayat Kshatriya Mahasabha, Kayastha society, Brahman Samiti, Napita associations etc. These principles are:. During the same time also, the death rate of these countries declined. As a result national and international trade made unprecedented progress. The concept of progress always involves and implies value judgement. The concept of cultural lag was first explicitly formulated.F. Social Change may be Endogenous or Exogenous: Endogenous social change refers to the change caused by the factors that are generated by society or a given subsystem of society.

However in spite of the various difficulties, the concept of evolution still retains its usefulness. Social change refers to the modifications which take place in life pattern of people. But the existing social structure is influenced by many factors and forces that inevitably cause it to change.

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The affirmation of evolution depends on our perception of objective evidences, whereas the affirmation or denial of progress depends on our ideals. (i) In order to understand this statement,.e. But is stated that the integrated development of society is the criterion of progress. Evolution is an order of change which unfolds the variety of aspects capitalism: Its a Jungle Out There belonging to the nature of changing object. Technology thus is a great bliss. Social evolution is progressive. It has always been recognised that there exists a reciprocal relation between population and social structure. A thousand years ago in Asia, Europe and Latin America the face of society was vastly different from that what exists today. Ogburn and Nimkoff have pointed that a single invention may have innumerable social effects.

Progress is not mere change. There is a Change in Progress: Change is one of its essential attributes. In this context, it will serve also to introduce the principle that cultural conditions are themselves important agencies in the process of social change. For example in the development of languages, where the process of differentiation has been stressed, we have many disconnecting facts.