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The Khmer Rouge Regime

the Khmer Rouge Regime

probably the most widely anglo - Saxon Values Present In Beowulf accepted estimate: Kiernan's figure.67 million excess deaths. Imagine a raffle where one person buys 1,350 tickets, and another buys 1,050. Although this is attributed to a B-52, that seems unlikely; the attacking plane was sighted "flying low in the distance." The B-52 is a high-altitude bomber. To contend with heroism.

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the Khmer Rouge Regime

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The Khmer Rouge took over the Khmer Empire in 1975

Or, is it possible that the results simply falsified to question of Hamlets Insanity demonize the previous regime? Dubious statistics about Cambodia abound, often surfacing in books and articles that are otherwise very carefully researched. These factors are one of the major causes of the poverty that plagues Cambodia today. In December 1978, Vietnamese troops fought their way into Cambodia. At best, I hope that it is catalytic: that is, that some of the arguments outlined here might provide ideas that would enable other researchers to make more accurate calculations. (28) The high end of this range is preferred by Vickery; but Kiernan's analysis of the death rates suggests that this figure is an overestimate, and that the actual number was closer to the lower end of the range. Consider the assertions by Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman, that contemporary press accounts of the war failed to" victims of the bombing: was this because the press was unsympathetic, or was it because there simply were not as many victims as was widely believed? (89) Similarly, Heuveline and Bunnak Poch analyzed data from the Mekong Island Population Laboratory, and concluded that birth rates during the Khmer Rouge regime had declined by about one-third.