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Censoring the Mind

censoring the Mind

laziness, convenience the free flow. Controversity bridges illusion with reality. As Einstein once famously stated, a mind once expanded by a new idea can never return to its original size. They have taken the humanity out of the study of nations and congealed it with a jargon that serves warmongering power. He was also "anti-war". The very concepts of worldview, paradigm and ways of knowing, for example, mean that masses of people are now able to pry behind the machinations of science to ask deeper questions about how our knowledge is produced and communicated. Craig Wheeler has also been covering this topic in depth on his blog.

These included whether telepathy exists, whether the laws of nature are fixed, and whether memories are really found in the substrate of brains. It is not Trump who is the Great Deporter from the United States, but the Nobel. It is this group which has decided to censure these two talks, under pressure from committed skeptics Jerry Coyne and PZ Meyer the two men who made the original outraged protests to TED, demanding that the talks be taken down. TED appears to be sensitive to offending its sponsors, and those supporters with money and power. Creativity channels and changes controversity: from the material destructive level to the mental constructive level of arts, words, music, films, theater. These controversities of high level create tension in low level mind. These in turn tend to be connected to conservative political and scientific thinking. Since 1945, some 69 countries - more than a third of the membership of the United Nations - have suffered some or all of the following.

Mad dead end: people kill to dissolve controversities inside outside. Truth is always hidden under cover of illusions. Now my old thoughts - compressed in two lines: censorship kills communication, controverreates communion, for the brave ones, who want to read more: Controversity, Creativity, Connections. Yet the fact that a group of hardcore skeptics can hold such a sway over a powerful dispenser of knowledge like TED suggests that conservative, materialistic science still holds an hypnotic sway in many mainstream circles.

The Study of the Mind: Mind and Thinking, A Beautiful Mind: A True Story of John Forbes Nash Jr, The Effects of Television In A Developing Childs Mind,

See the photographs of the rubble of Misurata and Sirte, and the mass graves identified by the Red Cross. This is one of the great advantages of having done a lot of inner work, and becoming more mindful. Flynn is quick to criticise what he believes are false shorthand abstractions. Blair's crimes are not unusual. As the cartoon brute, Donald Trump, seems almost certain to win the Republican Party's nomination, Hillary Clinton is being ordained both as the "women's candidate" and the champion of American liberalism in its heroic struggle with the Evil One. This has clearly spooked the organisation. See the public record of those good liberals Bill and Hillary Clinton. Controversity dissolves in credibility. Profounder illusions attract blatantly controversities. The spiral of more mind ethical pluralism protection creates Reply.

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