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The Music Rating System

the Music Rating System

record. The Warlord Level only for those truly concerned. Undercover or, dirty Work. Like, for instance, if I'm in doubt over whether to give 2 or 3 for listenability, I give the number that would accord with the original band rating better. Films have mpaa, video games have esrb, and what do songs have? Teens are listening to music with naughty language and some that promote drug use. The immediate ensuing question is: Is it right to determine band ratings based on their peak level only?

The lowest possible overall rating that a 5-star band can receive is 6 (band rating 5 record rating 1). Their best album. So, let's do a little elementary math here. But suppose one day they make an absolute chef-d'oeuvre, like. When I first designed the ratings system that is still in use on this site (and has never given me any really acute headaches, for the matter it was supposed to be operating on a few relatively simple principles. On the other hand, numerical (or letter, or "formula-like.e. Remember - 'a 12 is a 13 on a good day, an 11 on a bad day'. Mind you, I have heard very few albums from other artists as well that would deserve less than an overall six - I think about a couple dozen at most, out of everything I've heard (and some of these ratings were given out quite some. Who can really tell? Back in the 1980s. Again, when making this overall evaluation, I usually concentrate on the 'main' output of the band, leaving out, for instance, the tail years of its career, but this can vary and is, indeed, very subjective.

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