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Drug Testing and the Right to Privacy

drug Testing and the Right to Privacy

the individual also. The company required him to be examined by its own psychiatrists to confirm the diagnosis. Von Raab, 109.Ct. What should be done with the employee? Railway Labor Executives Association 109.Ct 1402(1989). Whos Rights are We Infringing. The tests should be given only when the behavior is unusual and bizarre. Even if only one students athletic career were ruined because of a mistake in testing that would be tragic. This was actually the start of pre-employment drug testing and the on going testing of those who had returned from a rehabilitation programs for drug and alcohol abuse previously.

The Life Story of Richard Wright
1984 - privacy opinion

False positives for the use of illegal drugs could potentially ruin someones career. . Supreme Court cases dealing with Privacy in general. Many of these ruling are used in cases today as benchmarks from past decisions. Rptr.2d 46 (1997). There should be an outline for giving the tests. It was important that the employer only used drug testing for pre-employment and not as an on going harassment of the employees if they were not found to be abusers. If the employee has been found guilty to the illegal use of drugs then it will be up to you them to consider seeking the proper health clinics that specialize in drug treatment and abuse. For example what if the person is hooked and cannot do anything about their addiction. If an employee performs their job in a satisfactory manner, does their potential use of drugs outside of the workplace really concern the employer. . The tests should be given without prior notice to reduce the chance that employees could foil the test. This decision went all the way to the Supreme Court. City of Glendale (1997) 14 Cal.4th 846, 59 Cal.

Employees have the right to their privacy and drug test in the workplace violate these rights and also infringe upon many. Drug testing in the workplace. The ethics of drug testing has become an increased concern for many companies in the. The employer has a right to only certain information and the line.decide, as the case may be, as to whether the employer has unreasonably intruded into a person's right to privacy during the drug testing procedure.) citing that mandatory drug testing is a violation. Affirmative workplace drug testing inherency 273.