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Color Purple - Celies Journey

color Purple - Celies Journey

Celie in this novel is racism. She becomes very successful as an African American woman and at last she feels that she is above it all. Perhaps Walker as an African American herself is mocking this behavior and time period. She eventually ends up in jail for the same strength that made her superior. These letters encourage Celie that she may one day see her family again.

Analysis on The Color of Water, The Journey Of Telemachuss Manhood,

She takes on this huge guilt because society? In this time the franklin D Roosevelts Biography and Political Career whites were at an extreme superiority. Then, they endured slavery itself, being treated like animals. The opportunity to tell this story. In the end however Celie conquers them and becomes a human being who realizes her own worth rather than being the ultimate subject of racism and sexism. By denying Celie any form of love, the stepfather isolates.