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The headquarters of IAC is in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where it is registered as a non-profit organisation and it has a liaison office in Geneva. (Ndola: Mission Press, 1988) 43 Ibid.,.15 44 Thomas Price, A Short English-Nyanja Vocaublary, (Lusaka: National Educational Company of Zambia, and Kenneth Kaunda Foundation, 1970). Retrieved 19 February, 2010, from px? Africanesque pottery for Western consumption. Zoomorphic mask as depicted on a Makurian mural from Old Dongola (12th/13th century) Stylish elements in a mask's looks are codified by the tradition and may either identify a specific community or convey specific meanings. Only a few traditions have been the focus of in-depth study by multiple researchers offering complementary perspectives (Bickford Berzock Frank, 2007). Patterns of Personality in Africa, in Responses to Change: Society, Culture and Personality. Mair, African Marriage and Social Change, in Survey of African Marriage and Family Life, Edited by Arthur Phillips, (London: Oxford University Press, 1953).1 177. In Sierra Leone and elsewhere, small eyes and mouth represent humility, and a wide, protruding forehead represents wisdom.

It seems that the successful African potters are for the most part discovered then engineered into greatness by Europeans. Porcupine Tureen detail, 29 x 27 x 20cm.

Knowledge in Albert Einsteins Life, The Life of the Individual,

The guiding principle is Education, in order to bring a positive change of attitude and capacity building of affected communities. While the author hints at the same novel, masked elders are particularly hostile towards the missionaries, a symbolical representation of the opposition of traditional Nigerian culture (as represented by the mask-spirits) and the new values brought along by European Christians. Retrieved 10 February, 2010, from ml, van Wyk, Gary (2010). His work is considered a new development in the history of the craft. Ceramics South Africa, (15 January). Mair, African personal Views on Death Penaly Marriage and Social Change, in Survey of African Marriage and Family Life, edited by Arthur Phillips, (London: Oxford University Press, 1953).1 4 Ibid.,.1 5 Ibid.,.1 6 Ibid.,.10 Note also that special attention should be paid to the distinction between. The mwaash ambooy mask of the Kuba people (DR Congo for example, representing the legendary founder of the Kuba Kingdom, Woot, while the mgady amwaash mask represents his wife Mweel.