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The Laramie Project

the Laramie Project

chance in Morris County. By interviewing the townspeople, Kaufman is able to address specific issues, which in turn act as themes to the overarching play. The administration is really conservative. I was so angry that it got canceled, but the cast pulled together and we ended up writing our own show about "tolerance". This year the Derek and Romaine (Patterson) show on Sirius Satellite Radio will be creating a 2 hour special of the Laramie project as a tribute for the 10th anniversary of Matthew Shepards death. These issues, debates and hot topics are all weaved into the narrative to spark precisely that: in-depth debate. I'm an obsessive compulsive actress.

My thesis and I are featured in one of the three stories of MS gay men and women highlighted on this documentary of sorts. There will be a special preview performance on the 15th at 7:30 with tickets at half price. The act ends with interviews from bartenders at the Fireside Bar, where Shepard was last seen alive as he left with the two young men accused of killing him, Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson. Just in case any of ya'll wanted to come see the show, but Saturday's sold out. Please look at my two latest entries in my journal.

But i just honestly can't find them. County College of Morris, student Community Center - Davidson Conference Rooms 214 Center Grove Road, randolph, New Jersey 07869. The funeral is held by the Catholic Church, while Reverend Fred Phelps continues to speak on Gods clear hate for homosexuals. I want our show to be something that truly affects people for a long time. Please mention Matthew and Laramie in your prayers tonight. If you were ever a actor, stage hand, or director of TLP for a production in a high school, college, or community theater and have a story to tell about it you would be a great candidate. Let's get ready to Rumble.

the Laramie Project

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